What On Earth is This “Global Warming for Kids” Site?

8ec1e980334610f What On Earth is This Global Warming for Kids Site?You may be wondering what is this Global Warming for Kids site all about? Well, this site is a dedicated to showing the most fun ways to save the planet. Simple!

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if “Global Warming for Kids” is also read by a lot of grown ups too. After all, we’re all young at heart… and everyone knows that kids are most definitely experts at having fun.

To demonstrate, just check out these fantastic global warming videos made by kids. Now are you starting to get the idea? Kids, in my opinion, are totally brilliant at helping people to reduce their carbon foot print. They are persistent, they are always alert, and they are very persuasive. I like to think of them as the perfect energy saving watchdog.

Those videos I think seemed to be made as part of a competition run by the Energy Saving Trust, the prize being a camcorder which was used to shoot those final videos.

To be honest, I think the Energy Saving Trust have struck gold by employing the help of kids. I guess that’s one of the main reasons that this site was set up in the first place – to carry on that good idea.

You see the problem with stopping global warming is that not many people like to be told what to do. For example, if a man from the local council were to knock on people’s doors and ask them to spend less time in the shower, he’d most likely get a door slammed in his face. That’s if he’s lucky! Yet when people’s own kids tell them they’ve gone past their allotted 5 minutes, more often than not they give in and obediently do as their told. It works like magic.

There’s not much reason to spend more than about 5 minutes in the shower (as little as 3 minutes is possible if you’re quick) but grown ups get set in their ways. If they’re not reminded, they get into bad habits that not only end up costing the family hundreds of pounds every year, but also make global warming a bigger problem for everyone.

Just by changing some bad habits you can do a world of good, and the Global Warming for Kids blog is the place to find lots of fun ways to do your bit. At the same time, we would love to hear your ideas on the most fun way you know to reduce your carbon footprint. For example, “When dad spends more than 5 minutes in the shower, we turn the light off!”. Actually that’s a bit naughty, but you could sing, “Time to get out of the shower”, like in that video. Keep tuned for more fun ways to save the planet.

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If global warming was real and we the people ignore it: Wont there be high risk for human extinction?

Seriously even if global warming is real or not why cant we except the fact that we humans are the cause of it? If not then why are the Antarctica is on the urge of collapsing if people say it isn’t caused by global warming?

Why can’t you people except that facts that we are the cause of it even if there isn’t much scientific proof?

If it true and it happen in the future our children and grand children are gonna be mad at us for messing up their future.

What do you folks think.

I’ll try to keep this short and to the point, Temperatures fluctuate. for instance the big scare in the 70′s was global cooling… and now warming.
and in 2007 it snowed in Baghdad in over 100 years, why did that happen if global was real? its IS NOT supposed to be one perfect temperature all the time, the temperature right now shouldn’t be what it was at this exact time a few years ago or a few years from now.

and look up homophones cause i’m pretty sure you meant "Accept" instead of "Except" to VERY different words. one means embrace the other means exclude, not sure if you can get any more opposite than that.

as for man-made pollution, yes we do pollute but, our pollutants are very minimal compared to say… a natural volcano eruption. the earth has a ton of ways it pollutes itself, anything we do isn’t going to stop that really… sorry =(

English Degree or……..Please serious professional advise?

I am 27 jobless and time is running out. I need to figure out where to go to college and what to go for. These are my interests from my pervious college and life experience. I have always enjoyed writting and reading fiction. I love reading CURRENT articles and debating with people or writting papers in class about my points of view. I want to make a difference with my life and help people or animals by researching and writting or reading my reports. I really like watching Bill Maher show because i enjoy the debate. I love Harry Potter stories because I enjoy the fiction of it. I basically never want to stop learning. I want to research and learn and move people through my words and make a difference maybe unite people for a cause or at least get my point across and sound intelligent. I am not the smartest crayon in the box, but i have passion and i need to learn where and how to apply it before I end up behind a desk in some accounting department. I’ve already worked in finance and insurance for 9 years of my life. I’ve tried to write a story but i’m just not that creative like harry potter and i give up. I enjoy reading other peoples reports and giving my opinion. I hated my public speaking class because I wasnt into what i was talking about and i get very nervous. I went to a indian stone reader when i was 14 and he told me i should pick a career writting what other people say. Im not sure I would want people taking credit for my words. I am very sarcastic and funny (at least i think so) I did very well in insurance and personal assistant jobs because i am extrememly professional and always put my work first. But I dont feel like its making me any smarter. I see the oil crisis and try to talk to my friends my age (27) and they either dont even know about it or they dont want to talk about it. Same goes with my boyfriends parents. I just feel like people around me are not like me and I cant figure out what career to go for to be around people like me. I need to know the specific name of the major and the specific name of the degree. I am getting so confused with MA,MFA, PhD programs. I only have 58 credits from a business school i dont even know what if any would transfer to a English major. I almost picked a school called Chicago State University for creative writting and found out they might be losing accredidation! I have already been burned by a school i went to for interior design and found out they were not accreditted after the fact. I can afford to mess up again. Also i heard people dont even agree creative writting can be taught and some places dont teach it so why would i want to major in that? Also they expect you to write a book to even be considered for a creative writting position. I like creative writting because its fun and light. But i am moving more towards the making a difference in this world part. Writting about things that matter. But i dont want to write for a newspaper because there all going out of business. I do not want to teach english history, i do not want to be a counsler because I only believe in behavioral therapy. I wish i could solve the Earth’s problems with science or global warming but i dont think im smart enough or have the capablities to be smart enough to know how one day. I dont want to be around children all day. If if i became a teacher it would have to be a professor because i dont have kids and i dont want to be around children 24/7. I do like kids but really…not that much. I love animals but i cant put one to sleep. I can be around blood and touch organs in an open chest with no problems, but i cant stand smell…so i cant be a nurse. Because i dry heave when i clean a litter box i certainly couldnt change a diaper or bed pan. I am very kind and have good manners but when i know i can..i like to speak my mind. What should i do with my life???
I am also horrible at math which is the reason i had to leave my last college for business mamagement. I could not get past the finance class.
Also thinking i would teach but it would have to be at a college level. I want a job that makes very good money.
i suppose i could teach journalism but i think i want to discuss the issues with the bill mahers and other voices of the world. I just need an education so i know what im talking about.

I have to point out that while paper and print newspapers may be on the way out, the news business in general isn’t. There will always be reporters and editors, whether they are working for online news publications or for actual print magazines and so forth.

You sound a candidate for some form of journalism to me. Creative writing is something you could study later, but it’s not a great major for an undergraduate, because you’d still have to get some form of possibly uninteresting job while trying to break into print.

There are undergraduate and graduate journalism programs. At some schools, you can earn a graduate degree (Master’s) only, but at others, both a B.A. and and M.A. are possible.

To become a professor, you’d need a PhD. I have one, and while some of my grad school classmates were your age or older, earning a PhD. takes years on top of the undergraduate degree — a huge investment of time, effort, and money, if you don’t get good fellowships. If you don’t like kids, how do you feel about high school students? Teaching English at the secondary school level might be a possibility.

But I do think English or Journalism would be the best subject for you, based on your interests. And if you were studying English, you could probably take a few creative writing courses, too.

when will americans begin to kill themselves and their kids due to guilt over their AGW?

i knew i’d hear about this sometime, but i did not think so fast. here is an article published on march 3, 2010, out of great britain, namely, england, where the citizens, in my opinion, are the most guilt-ridden people in the world when it comes to their contribution to the global warming and climate change problem:


do you think about committing suicide because your living on planet earth is ruining it? like, do you think that "climate change" and "global warming" is your fault? like, your personal fault, not the fault of all the humans on the planet, but your personal fault? is it so much your fault that you contemplate suicide over it? do you know anyone that talks about suicide for his being a contributor to "climate change," and "global warming?"

do you think that your children, too, are at fault? why?

i personally know of a situation where at least five young children (first graders) were made to feel guilty for breathing, because, their teacher told them, then they exhaled, they were putting CO2 into the atmosphere! where will this madness stop?

now there is much evidence disproving AGW. data was thrown away (east anglia). so, "scientists," those getting their living from publishing papers on non-existent "data" have abused any data that they could find so that now, we have an entire world organization made up of leaders of countries around the planet that fly in big jets to attend conferences about the issue, polluting as they fly. and we have the president of the united states claiming that we must create "cap and trade" plans, which will simply give uncle sam more of your money if you don’t comply precisely with the rules that will be handed down. cap and trade certainly will NOT create jobs!

so, how guilty do you feel? if you feel guilty about the contribution you have made to the earth warming up so much in an 11-year time period (the same one where the sun was extremely active, making all planets from mercury to jupiter hotter than usual) that it will change life as we know it on the planet and so that perhaps your children will die of starvation, why don’t you just put an end to your life like this couple did?

at least then you would no longer exhale the deadly carbon dioxide gas! (but leave your kids alone!)
benjamin freedman & all: think about it. if not for politics, this planet is so abundant that it could feed, house, clothe, educate, and medicate THREE TIMES the current population. now just give that some thought by thinking of what this world is capable of, WITHOUT politics getting in the way.

(maybe ted turner should commit suicide over his contribution towards overpopulation too).

oh… i am a citizen of the USA and i know a lot of brits.

Maybe a new trend will be started that will fix perceived problem of overpopulation, since global warming cultists like Ted Turner say that there is just too many people and that one day humans will resort to cannibalism.

Also, I blame this tragic suicide pact on videos like the one that was featured in global warming fearfest they had in Copenhagen just a few months ago.


Global Warming hoax essay — I need your ideas please?

What I do for my essay is break it down into 3 topics to write about in each paragraph(besides the intro and conclusion). So far, I have 1st, How humans contribute the least CO2 to the environment, 2nd The earths changes before humans were on earth.

I cant think of a 3rd!
Perfect guys! Right on topic! Thanks all!

The "Global Warming Experts" are basing there theories off of records. These records only date back until 1800′s. Your 3rd paragraph should be about how the earth just came out of an ice age, and its only natural that the world will warm up. Plus every year the sun grows, even the very little amount it does, it only takes 5 degrees to change everything. 5 degrees is not alot so the sun will not have to go far to mess with our atmosphere. Global warming should be the last of our planets worries.

A Plea from ECO – Environmental Children’s Organisation -

0 A Plea from ECO   Environmental Childrens Organisation  This moving speech by a young woman representing ECO – Environmental Children’s Organisation, a group of 12 and 13 year olds trying to make a difference – pleads to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio to start taking action to avert catastrophic environment damage which will affect the members of ECO and future generations.

Duration : 0:6:42

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Kids _ Listen

0 Kids   ListenAnother End of the World is Possible is a series of captivating video portraits of people taking radical action against the root causes of climate change. Ranging from an activist who occupied an airport’s taxi way, to a teacher working with kids on a deprived housing estate, the portraits demonstrate the wonderful diversity of those taking part in this years Camp for Climate Action in the UK : 14th –21st August. www.climatecamp.org.uk

Duration : 0:5:4

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Global Warming: A Food Manifesto

0 Global Warming: A Food ManifestoAmerica’s agricultural system is a major contributor to global warming. This video essay discusses some of the major issues surrounding the industrial farm system and the author’s vision of a practical solution.

Duration : 0:5:7

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Will People Start To Question Man Made Global Warming Theory Now That Even ABC is Reporting Doubt?


April 20, 2007 — The heavy breathing over global warming is enough to terrify anyone.

Last week the Washington Post interviewed a 9-year-old who said the Earth is "just starting to fade away." In 20 years there will be "no oxygen" he said, and he’ll be dead. The Post went on to say that "for many children and young adults, global warming is…defining their generation." How sad.

Thirty-six years of consumer reporting have taught me to be skeptical of environmental scares. Much of what the media scares us about turns out to be myths.

Watch "Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity" on a special edition of "20/20" Friday, May 4th at 10 p.m. EDT

It’s really pathetic to be scaring little kids like that!! I mean thats when they have taken it to extremes!! The poor kids don’t realize in the 30′s our planet was a lot warmer than it is now and in the late 70′s we were entering ‘an ice age’. How is it nobody actually checks these things out?

What’s the big deal with homosexuality?

Let’s face it, our world isn’t perfect. We have kids dying from hunger and AIDS by the hundreds each second. We have places in the world where the life expectancy is 25 because people lack basic necessities. We have people in the Western world who have to choose between food and shelter. We have homeless youth on the streets who have the potential yet lack the support and opportunity to become what they wish to become.

We have "global warming", epidemics, pandemics, drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms dealing.

Yet for some reason, lately, the biggest threat to YOU and ME is the fact that Sean and Scott down the street love each other and want to get married. Effff. If only Sean and Scott would break up and find some nice girls there would be no more drugs and kids wouldn’t die from hunger!

Really people. It’s 2010. Are you ready to tackle some real problems?
I just want to say that being gay is NOT a choice. And obviously it is impossible to argue that to someone who is NOT gay because you will never understand. But (even though it’s been said before) imagine society saying that it’s wrong for you to enjoy sex with the opposite and that you must stop and be normal and start having sex with the same, even though to you that’s a complete turn off and not enjoyable. That’s somewhat how gay people feel, when you preach that it’s like flipping a light switch, and we should just start having sex with the opposite sex.
I’ve never fallen in love or felt that inkling or lust for the opposite sex, like you’ve never felt it for the same sex.

hope that clarifies it a bit.

Who said it’s a big deal? Mainly the lefties keep bringing it up. Yes we have other problems in this country. I found it amusing that you didn’t mention our multi-TRILLION dollar debt or the fact that Americans will be forced to purchase health insurance or be fined by the IRS (which is totally against the Constitution). You do mention however, Global Warming which isn’t a problem, it’s a made up hoax that is costing you and I mucho dinero. You also didn’t mention the 30 million ILLEGALS who are costing this country and California in particular billions every year.